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Hair Cutting Videos

Platform Artistry: Business Hair Cuts, Colors, & Styles DVD

This detailed instructional DVD, presented by Randy, gives a clean and effortless look, with an angled point cut that allows the client to have a lineless jagged edge. This video will demonstrate how to give a professional look that is conservative, and will allow this classic, natural looking cut to give way to other styling options. Randy also demonstrates a highly versatile cut that has high sides, accomplished with clippers and keeping the shear cut on the top which allows the client to maintain a desired length. Coloring techniques are also clearly illustrated in the DVD, including hair color patting and wand painting. Randy also shows the versatility of backcombing, and sponge and color painting. Also included is much-valued advice on attracting male clientele through effective marketing and pricing.

Region: All Runtime: 103 minutes
ATH-013 - DVD $24.95