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Tammy Taylor

Nine Most Popular Nail Procedures

The nine most sought-out nail procedures are demonstrated in this DVD by Tammy Taylor. She will show you the pink and white sculptured nail procedure with use of acrylic, the use of no-odor acrylic, a nail tip being applied with nail glue and acrylic overlay, a nail tip being applied with acrylic and acrylic overlay, a nail-biter's manicure, a backfill that is pink and white, a fill-in using one ball, how to give natural nail shine, and toenails in pink and white acrylic. This is a comprehensive DVD that should be in every nail technician's collection!

Region: All Runtime: 107 minutes
TTN-001 - DVD $45.95

About Tammy Taylor
Tammy Taylor has been in the nail industry since the early 80's. She is an expert in the field of manicuring and cosmetology. Her product line is also found in more than 100,000 salons around the world. She is an amazingly talented nail technician and educator, and her products are widely used by many. She is a paramount nail expert that will be sure to please you with her informative DVDs!