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Hair Cutting Videos

The Fusion DVD Collection

This astounding DVD collection is the most modern in the collection. Presented by Cobella, you will receive 8 continuous hours of top-notch training in the most effective techniques of hair cutting and coloring. This must-have collection of the latest trends includes six modern, outstanding, and chic haircuts and six outstanding blended coloring techniques that you can apply within your profession right away. Learn how to cut in a variety of formats, such as in strong, outlined shapes blended within smooth texture, movement, and volume; and learn how to color with dynamic tones, from cool blonde to glamorous, warm brunette, and to rich, alluring red.

(480 minutes)
COB-011 - DVD $69.95

About Beverly C.
A superlative and award-winning hairdresser, Beverly Cobella is also a leading educator in the industry. She has inspired many individuals worldwide with her amazing artistry and talents, and her accolades include the first woman to be awarded the British Hairdresser of the Year…twice! Her high-quality and knowledgeable presentations have touched many professionals, and her educational DVDs will be sure to give you many advantages in your hairstyling profession.