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Free Shipping in Continental U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Sima S. Enterprises is a well established company since 2001. We have had over 10,000 satisfied customers since then. We have phone and email customer support so if an occasional problem occurs we can solve the problem fast. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau. We make sure the information you provide is secured. We utilize SSL Security measures to insure the information you provide us is encrypted and secured from hackers. We have a very strict defined privacy policy. The information you provide us will only be used for completion of transactions. We have never employed any type of phone solicitations or email campaigns to attain business.
The owner's wife is a licensed cosmetologist. She did not have all of the skills required of her and knowledge of the latest trends. These instructional videos were an excellent way of her attaining these skills so she could build a clientele. Educational videos are an excellent way to invest in your profession. As compared to a seminar that can cost a $1,000 for a few hours, an educational video or DVD costs a fraction of that and can be viewed over and over again and used as a reference. Sima S. Enterprises wants to share these high quality videos and DVDs with you.

Answer: We usually ship items the following business day after they are ordered. Shipments are sent via USPS First Class mail and usually arrive to their destination in about 4 to 5 days. If your select Fedex or UPS Express mail, you will receive your package within 1 to 2 business days depending on your method of shipment. If you want us to deliver your package USPS priority mail it will arrive in 2 to 3 days.

Answer: These videos and DVDs are educational and an investment in your profession. The manufacturer sets the price for the video or DVD. We sell the videos for the lowest price allowable by the manufacturer. Cosmetology instructional videos are expensive to produce and there is not a very large distribution. For instance Martin Parsons spends over $10,000 to produce on video. You will not find these videos or DVDs for a lower price any where else and we offer free shipping too.

Answer: The manufacturer sets the price based on the production costs and profit margins. Some manufacturers set the pricing a lot lower than other manufacturers.

Answer: We have hand selected and reviewed all of our offered videos. We do not sell videos that are poor quality and are not high quality from an educational perspective.

Answer: The educators presented in these videos are top notch educators. Many of them are the best in their fields.

Answer: Once a video or DVD is viewed we can no longer refund your purchase. If we did everyone would buy a DVD view it and return it. We do guarantee that your purchase is not damaged or defective. If your video or DVD is damaged we will exchange it with a new DVD or video that works. Damaged Videos and DVDs are inspected to make sure they are actually defective.