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Hair Styling

Client Home Care Training (For Retail Clients) VHS

Erica Miller will help you with the usage of products and methods for evening and morning sessions. She will show how to cleanse, apply a mask, tone, and use cream and other products afterwards. A wonderful resource for client home care training!

Region: All Runtime: 19 minutes
EMS-010 - VHS$39.95

About Erica Miller:
Erica Miller has been highly devoted and associated with esthetics, is an educator, author, and has written many famous publications and books on every aspect of day spas. She founded Correlations, Inc. and is the chief editor of Dermascope magazine. Her education experience has been with therapists and estheticians worldwide. She also is renowned for The Erica Miller Spa School in Canada, and teaches many courses in the area of management and spa education. Her school is regarded as the pinnacle of spa education schools in the US and Canada. >